Mathematicians passionate about data analysis merged with creative minds and outer space developers create awesome stuff and results. This is the essence of OSOM.



Web development

We make use of the latest tech & trends to deliver astonishing design and UX. This allows us to create attractive sites that ease interaction with users, accelerating the conversion processes.

Websites on Magento eCommerce platform, integration with payment methods, CRM / ERP PlugIns, institutional websites, responsive design, landings & mini sites.

Online Advertising

We optimize our clients campaigns to improve their return on investment. We specialize on programmatic purchasing of ads. Let it be social, AdWords, display or remarketing, we create the ads and make use of high tech so we only show it to your target audience.



Customized Reporting

After every campaign, we deliver customized performance reports to our clients. These include the most relevant KPIs for their business along with relevant information extracted from the analysis of big data. We analyze customer behavior of your site through analytics with the goal of improving processes.

Social media

Our team of designers and community managers understand how people interact in social networks. We excel at engaging your audience through social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and others.


Everything is awesome.

Email Marketing

This is the most powerful tool when it comes to online sales. Our mailing Intelligence allows us to reach every potential client with the right products at the right time. We also reduce sending platforms costs, making your mailing campaigns more efficient. Your most valuable asset as a company is your current customer list. We grow your mailing list.

We also make:
Motion graphics
Graphic design
Corporate Image